Be Prepared

There is one important thing that high school students need to be before entering college, Prepared. I went to a high school where I was not fully prepared for what I was getting myself into. No one from my school warned me about the hair pulling, stressed out to the max, tests and essays I would have to take and/or write daily. I wasn’t told that the work would not only be 3 times longer but also 5 times harder. And last, I was not warned about all the squirrels I would encounter on campus. Okay, maybe the last one is just for Northwest but still.

Coming in as a freshman last year, I was nervous and scared. I didn’t know what to expect. I felt confident in my school work because I always had good grades in high school, but boy was I wrong. I didn’t realize everything was harder and longer and I especially didn’t know what a lecture was until my first day were I just sat a stared at my professor because I could tell if he was giving me information I should know or just telling me the syllabus. You see me dilemma? It was awful. So, for future freshman or anyone who is planning on going to college, here is some advice. Prepare yourself. If you are still in high school, start taking notes on what your teachers says and not what’s just on the board. Learn to multitask.  And last but not least, watch out for the squirrels!untitled



As college students we have already achieved this. We still have some of it as well, and what we do every day for a whole year is all because of this. Ambition. As college students you obviously have some ambition, such as having good grades when you were younger so you could graduate high school. Now that you’ve done that you have the ambition to graduate college with a degree. Believe it or not because of your ambition to do so, you get up every morning, or afternoon, and go to class, get your work done, stress over tests and studying, go to sleep for a few hours and then wake up and do it all over again. You do this every day because of the ambition you have to graduate from college in the future.

The other day I was just thinking to myself, “You know, I could easily drop out of college and find me a job.” Which is true, but it wouldnt have been the kind of job I would want. I would be stuck with a job that I get paid minimum wage and trying to support myself off of. Not happening. Therefore, I have ambition to have a stable career.

When we are younger we all have different types of ambitions. For example, boys, when you were younger and we on the football team, most of you probably had dreams of playing football in college or even going pro. So you worked to get better and passing, blocking, agility and things like that. Or when you were on little league baseball and you wanted to play f

or your high school team. You had the ambition to practice hard and work for it. One of the greatest athletes of all time that shows the greatest example of ambition is Michael Jordan. For those of you who don’t know but Michael Jordan didn’t make his high school basketball team the first time he tried out. Weird I know. But he never gave up on wanting to play ball and well, we all know how he turned out. Ambition can go along long way. So what are some of  your ambitions?

Hard Work Pays Off

Hard Work Pays Off

Family Disputes

When I was a teenager, 16 to be exact, I thought I could do anything I wanted. I didn’t feel that my parents could keep me from going places because I had my car. Also, I never thought that parents knew what I was going through. They didn’t understand that if I missed certain parties or didn’t hang out with certain people that all my friends would think I was lame. Because of this we fought constantly.

There was on time, sophomore, year that I got invited to the high school dance by the boy that I really liked. The week before the dance my parents were making me do ridiculous chores. Such as, doing the dishes every night without my sister’s help, vacuuming and dusting the entire house every night, and worst of all, cleaning every toilet. I threw a fit every time because it was so unfair that finally my mom and I got into this big fight and the result was that I couldn’t go to the dance. I was so mad! I didn’t speak to her at all. Finally Saturday night came around, and I had a brilliant plan.

I decided that I was just going to sneak out when my parents were asleep, go to the dance and get back as soon as it was over. Only problem is that all my doors, front and back were squeaky and it would wake my parents up, and I lived on the second floor so sneaking out the window wasn’t an option, so I thought. I looked out the window and noticed that my trampoline was right under my window. DING! I got dressed, threw my shoes out the window and then jumped. Landed it like I was a professional gymnasts. Got my shoes on and went to the dance.

As soon as I was about to walk into the doors I suddenly remembered that you needed money to get in. Yeah, I didn’t have that.  So my plan completely back fired and I headed back home. Only problem, I had to go through the front door. So I tried my best to be as quiet as possible but it did no good. As soon I stepped through the front door, my dad was waiting on me. Let’s just say that I got into big trouble and was grounded for a month. I understood why they grounded me for a month but I was still mad at how it had all started so I avoided my parents for as long as I could. It was probably the biggest argument we had ever had. Now, looking back on it I understand why they did everything they did and I was acting unacceptable. It just goes to show, that your parents may not always know exactly what you’re going through but they have an idea and as long as you respect them, they’ll respect you.

Elephant Tears

Mothers are amazing. They are there for you when you need help, when you are crying and need someone to talk to; they love you endlessly and so much more. As girls, your mother is typically the person you look up to. As guys, you usually go to your mom for guidance, but what would you do if your mother didn’t love you from the second you were born and tried to physically hurt or even kill you? In this article, Elephant Tears , you will read about a baby elephant whose mother try to kill them.

After reading this article I read for my Comp class, I was a little shocked by the fact that the mom did not want her baby. She even stepped on the poor baby when it was born. My first thought that this was so outrageous. Then, I began to think. Humans have been known to do the same thing too. I’m not talking about giving their baby up for adoption or anything like that, but do you remember the few stories of women throwing their babies in dumpsters just to get rid of them? It’s kind of the same thing. When looking at the picture of the baby elephant crying I felt so much remorse for him. When we are babies we don’t remember anything about being born or how our mothers acted when they saw us, and we wouldn’t even know if our mom was rejecting us as long as we got the care we needed. However, this poor elephant knew his mom didn’t want him and that is heartbreaking. What if you were in this situation and knew your mom was trying to hurt you, what would you do?

Tough Decisions

For some this is really easy and for others it’s really hard, panicking to make sure you pick the right one, one not too hard and not far away, and also at a good time. Choosing your classes for semester can be a hassle. First you want to make sure you get all of your general education courses out of the way. However, you also want to make sure you don’t have ridiculous times like all 8 a.m. classes or all late classes. I know the first semester I got to make my schedule I was freaking out.

First it was hard trying to figure out what classes I needed to take. Some advice: there are sheets of paper with your major and all of the classes you’re going to need to take are listed on it. Once I got this paper I was able to see what classes I was recommended to take. Then trying to figure out times and days I should take the classes was probably the hardest part. I didn’t want all morning classes, but I didn’t want late ones either. I didn’t want any back to back classes because I didn’t want to have to run across campus in 10 minutes to make my next class, and last, I wanted to make sure I still got the professor I wanted. So yeah, this is all pretty difficult to get done. Not to mention you and hundreds of other students are trying to do this at same time and beat each other to the classes.


Thank goodness for CatPaws because they have this awesome thing where you can look up classes and professors to see which ones had opening and on what days. So you basically make your schedule there and don’t forget to write it down! Also, write down a few extra classes just in case one of them fills up before you get a chance to sign up. Once I got my schedule written down and got sign in for my classes it was easy from there. All I had to do was type in the course number and then hit submit. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. Yes, picking out and organizing your classes may be hard but as long as you have the sheet of paper with the list of your classes for your major you should do just fine!



Street Art

Going through downtown I used to see all kinds of spray paintings on the walls of buildings. Or even on the trains, sidewalks, and signs. A majority of them are names of people, gangs, flowers or just weird designs. This is usually called graffiti. But pieces that look like actual pictures, that is street art, some are pictures of people, were you can see the stress and hurt on their face, or some are bright and send out good vibes.

batman-street-art I love this picture of street art. Now I’m no art expert or anything, but if you look closely there are three kids in a Batman suit and one in a Robin suit. To me it’s showing that it’s ok to not follow the norm. In this picture, I believe the kids are showing who their favorite heroes were. Normally you would see Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and other of the well-known heroes. Then there is the one kid who has on the Robin suit. Robin is Batman’s sidekick. Normally kids don’t look up to sidekicks, but this just goes to show that anyone can be a role model or someone’s hero.

It’s art like this that I love. I love to be able to look at a picture or piece of artwork and try to figure out what its meaning is without it telling me. You guys may see something completely different than what I do. That’s the beauty of it all.


We’ve all been there. That test or quiz we were just too busy or lazy to study for. That homework assignment we put off till the last minute and end up getting every question wrong. Or what about those times you do study? Then after the test you realized you still failed it even though you thought you knew the material. Failing is something some of us don’t take lightly. We begin to panic, thinking our whole future is gone because of this one 10pt. quiz. We hound ourselves on the next one to make sure we know all the answers and never fail another quiz again. Then, there are those kids who just don’t care. They’ve failed many assignments and test before but still manage to pass the class with the lowest grade possible. They look at the class as “I can miss this many points in order to still pass,” instead of looking at it like, “I need all A’s to have a high GPA.”

I am the student that has the full-on panic attack when I fail something. Failure isn’t in my vocabulary. I can’t afford to fail anything, and yet it still happens. In fact, last semester, I failed my first class…. Biology. I was heartbroken and embarrassed. But you see, there is this lovely thing called superseding a class, where you can retake it. So you can guess what i’ll be doing here pretty soon. Just don’t make a habit of it because then you’re just wasting your money. Now, I’m not saying its ok to fail assignments at all because then, well, you’d most likely get kciked out of school. However, I am saying that it’s ok to not be perfect at everything and a little failure just reminds you of things you need to work on and mine is obviously biology.


We all, or at least most of us, have taken a speech class. What a drag! No one likes getting up in front of a class full of strangers and talking to them about irrelevant topics for 3-5 minutes or longer. But we’ve all got to do it.

My freshman year of college I had to take a speech class. Boy was I nervous! First of all, I hate presenting projects and giving speeches because I have stage fright. Second, I don’t see the point in giving a speech about Olympic Athletes when probably none of the kids in that class are ever going to go to the Olympics. But it’s required so we all have to suffer through.

By the time our first speeches came around I was panicking. Talk about a mental breakdown. I was stressing over the fact that I had to get up and talk in front of a class of like 27 people. I know, you guys are probably thinking that’s not a whole lot of people, but in mind it felt like 27,000. I was so nervous. When it came time to practice I got my friend Alexis to help me with my speech. But I knew no matter how many times I practiced, giving the actual speech was going to be horrible. It did help having Alexis there because she kept giving me compliments.

Speech day comes and I’m up next. My stomach is literally turning and my hands are shaking. The professor calls me up to the front of the room to give my speech. Slowly but surely, I get up to the front. As I was about to begin my speech, I started to remember the little compliments Alexis was saying to me. And they gave me some confidence that I was going to do just fine. So in my mind I gave myself a little pep talk and began my speech.

After my speech was over I felt this weight lift off my shoulders. I was glad to get that over with. I didn’t even care what grade I got just glad it was done. A week later my professor handed back the grades of our speeches. I looked down and saw that I got an A! He even wrote in the comments that I was very confident in what I was saying. Turns out Alexis did a lot more help than she realized.

Moral of the story: a little confidence can go a long way. Don’t let things that you fear keep you from doing your full potential.