We’ve all been there. That test or quiz we were just too busy or lazy to study for. That homework assignment we put off till the last minute and end up getting every question wrong. Or what about those times you do study? Then after the test you realized you still failed it even though you thought you knew the material. Failing is something some of us don’t take lightly. We begin to panic, thinking our whole future is gone because of this one 10pt. quiz. We hound ourselves on the next one to make sure we know all the answers and never fail another quiz again. Then, there are those kids who just don’t care. They’ve failed many assignments and test before but still manage to pass the class with the lowest grade possible. They look at the class as “I can miss this many points in order to still pass,” instead of looking at it like, “I need all A’s to have a high GPA.”

I am the student that has the full-on panic attack when I fail something. Failure isn’t in my vocabulary. I can’t afford to fail anything, and yet it still happens. In fact, last semester, I failed my first class…. Biology. I was heartbroken and embarrassed. But you see, there is this lovely thing called superseding a class, where you can retake it. So you can guess what i’ll be doing here pretty soon. Just don’t make a habit of it because then you’re just wasting your money. Now, I’m not saying its ok to fail assignments at all because then, well, you’d most likely get kciked out of school. However, I am saying that it’s ok to not be perfect at everything and a little failure just reminds you of things you need to work on and mine is obviously biology.


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