Street Art

Going through downtown I used to see all kinds of spray paintings on the walls of buildings. Or even on the trains, sidewalks, and signs. A majority of them are names of people, gangs, flowers or just weird designs. This is usually called graffiti. But pieces that look like actual pictures, that is street art, some are pictures of people, were you can see the stress and hurt on their face, or some are bright and send out good vibes.

batman-street-art I love this picture of street art. Now I’m no art expert or anything, but if you look closely there are three kids in a Batman suit and one in a Robin suit. To me it’s showing that it’s ok to not follow the norm. In this picture, I believe the kids are showing who their favorite heroes were. Normally you would see Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and other of the well-known heroes. Then there is the one kid who has on the Robin suit. Robin is Batman’s sidekick. Normally kids don’t look up to sidekicks, but this just goes to show that anyone can be a role model or someone’s hero.

It’s art like this that I love. I love to be able to look at a picture or piece of artwork and try to figure out what its meaning is without it telling me. You guys may see something completely different than what I do. That’s the beauty of it all.


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