Tough Decisions

For some this is really easy and for others it’s really hard, panicking to make sure you pick the right one, one not too hard and not far away, and also at a good time. Choosing your classes for semester can be a hassle. First you want to make sure you get all of your general education courses out of the way. However, you also want to make sure you don’t have ridiculous times like all 8 a.m. classes or all late classes. I know the first semester I got to make my schedule I was freaking out.

First it was hard trying to figure out what classes I needed to take. Some advice: there are sheets of paper with your major and all of the classes you’re going to need to take are listed on it. Once I got this paper I was able to see what classes I was recommended to take. Then trying to figure out times and days I should take the classes was probably the hardest part. I didn’t want all morning classes, but I didn’t want late ones either. I didn’t want any back to back classes because I didn’t want to have to run across campus in 10 minutes to make my next class, and last, I wanted to make sure I still got the professor I wanted. So yeah, this is all pretty difficult to get done. Not to mention you and hundreds of other students are trying to do this at same time and beat each other to the classes.


Thank goodness for CatPaws because they have this awesome thing where you can look up classes and professors to see which ones had opening and on what days. So you basically make your schedule there and don’t forget to write it down! Also, write down a few extra classes just in case one of them fills up before you get a chance to sign up. Once I got my schedule written down and got sign in for my classes it was easy from there. All I had to do was type in the course number and then hit submit. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. Yes, picking out and organizing your classes may be hard but as long as you have the sheet of paper with the list of your classes for your major you should do just fine!




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