Elephant Tears

Mothers are amazing. They are there for you when you need help, when you are crying and need someone to talk to; they love you endlessly and so much more. As girls, your mother is typically the person you look up to. As guys, you usually go to your mom for guidance, but what would you do if your mother didn’t love you from the second you were born and tried to physically hurt or even kill you? In this article, Elephant Tears , you will read about a baby elephant whose mother try to kill them.

After reading this article I read for my Comp class, I was a little shocked by the fact that the mom did not want her baby. She even stepped on the poor baby when it was born. My first thought that this was so outrageous. Then, I began to think. Humans have been known to do the same thing too. I’m not talking about giving their baby up for adoption or anything like that, but do you remember the few stories of women throwing their babies in dumpsters just to get rid of them? It’s kind of the same thing. When looking at the picture of the baby elephant crying I felt so much remorse for him. When we are babies we don’t remember anything about being born or how our mothers acted when they saw us, and we wouldn’t even know if our mom was rejecting us as long as we got the care we needed. However, this poor elephant knew his mom didn’t want him and that is heartbreaking. What if you were in this situation and knew your mom was trying to hurt you, what would you do?


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