Typical Girl Post

Warning! This post is full of feelings, heartbreaks, and the occasional inspirational girl advice.

My Junior and Senior year of high school I was dating this guy, and let’s just say that I had fallen head over heels for him. We met through mutual friends and, from being in a small town; it was nice not knowing everything about him and his past. He was like a breath of fresh air I guess you could say. We started talking and hanging out which lasted about 4 months. Then on my birthday he asked me out and we dated for a year. Our relationship was everything but perfect however.

After we had gotten the “official title” he changed. He was a completely different person than what he showed me. When we first started talking I saw a smart guy, who was on the baseball team, and had a great group of friends that liked me and accepted me. But once we started dating it was like he had an alter ego or something. It started off with him becoming more and more rude. Eventually he was just always mean to me unless other people were around to see. He was hanging out with a completely different group of people that hated me and would talk bad about me to him. And the most shocking thing I found out 9 months after we started dating was that he was into drugs. Our relationship involved a lot of fighting, disappointment, and hurt, but I never gave up because I thought he would go back to the way he was when I first met him. The summer before freshman year of college, I finally made a huge decision. After everyone in my family and all of my friends suggesting this, I broke up with him. I was hard to see myself without him because I thought I was so in love. Well, turns out, that ending our relationship was the best thing I could of done because looking back on it now he would have only brought me down. It’s hard to end relationships that you put so much effort into but then you need realize that a relationship should be something you have to work 24/7 at. It should be easy sometimes and if it’s not maybe it’s time to get yourself out before you get hurt. Like they say, “When one door closes, Another door opens.”


Take a Chill Pill

As college students we experience a lot of emotions that we didn’t know we had. For example, I never knew that school work could piss me off until I got to college. I am a much laid back person and it takes a lot to get me legitimately angry. Or so I thought. It wasn’t until I got to college did I realize how stressful it was, and after realizing this I also came to notice how terrible I am at dealing with stress. And after I am stressed I just get aggravated with myself and in the end I accomplished nothing.

Under Pressure

My first experience with this was a Biology assignment I had to do last semester. As I’ve mentioned before Biology is my worst subject. So for this project I had to come up with a model of something. The problem was I had no idea what to do or what to even make. Which lead to me putting it off until the last minute, which stressed me out even more. Me being stressed lead to me panicking that then lead to me procrastination. Then I started to get mad at myself for being stupid and not being smart enough for my class. Another thing to know about me was that I was always to scared to e-mail my professors because I always thought they would think I was dumb. Well I broke down that night an e-mailed my professor and asked him questions. He replied back instantly and I was able to finish my project on time. After this I learned that instead of just getting mad at yourself try to find ways for help and never be afraid to ask questions.

Time To Relax

As a college student, Holiday breaks are the greatest thing that could possibly ever happen. You get a week or even a month off from stress, homework, and exams. You get to see your family and hometown friends if you want. Also, it usually involves good home cooking. Well, for me at least it does.

Last year, I got my first real taste of college breaks over high school breaks. In high school, my thanksgiving break was only the weekend of thanksgiving, so usually 4 days. My Christmas break was only a week and I had basketball practice every day. Usually in high school you didn’t get homework over break. Now in college, thanksgiving break consists of studying because finals are the week after you get back, not so fun. However, Christmas break is probably my favorite. It is 4 weeks long and consists of no homework because it’s the change of semesters. That means, a whole month to spend with my family and friends, relax, and eat all the home cooking I want. Also, I like to pick on my little sister, who is still in high school, that she has to go to school while I get to sleep in. me on christmas break

me on christmas break

My all-time favorite part of being home during Christmas is going sledding at your town’s lake. It has this huge hill everyone can sled, snowboard, or tube down. What’s your favorite holiday break and what do you do while you’re on break?


Have you ever had a secret or something you wanted to say but never had anyone around to listen or to care? Or you just don’t want to tell anyone because you are afraid they will judge you. Well if you do I suggest you visit the site PostSecret. It’s an awesome website that it doing this art project of postcards people send them with their deepest secrets on them. Best part, it’s all anonymous. No one know who’s postcard is whose.

And the best part, you can post anything. Some are sad and depressing, where others are funny and happy. Some are a little sexual and some are just really weird. I love this so much because it gives everyone a chance to get their word out and tell people their secret without anyone knowing it is actually yours. It’s a great art project as well. Seeing all the different cards and pictures are really fun to look at.

So, if you ever have a secret that you feel you should tell but have no one to tell it to, send a post card to PostSecret and it will be out there without people judging you and you could be a part of a great movement.


We all have that something that we feel we could die if we don’t it. Well sarcastically of course, unless you really do need it to live, like an oxygen tank, then don’t read what I just wrote.  For those of us who do have this object however, we refer to it as out prize possession. Something that is meaningful to us. Either it came from someone who passed that you dearly loved, or something you earned through hard work. It can be anything from a book, a picture, an award, or even a penny.  My prize possession is a little something out of the norm I guess you could say.

As a girl, I feel like most people assume my prize possession would be something like my first baby doll, a necklace, baby blanket, or something like that. Or since I was an athlete in high school, a basketball, or basketball shoes, or a soccer ball signed by a retired Kansas City Wizards soccer player. Wait What? Yeah, that’s right. That last one really is my prize possession. I played soccer from when I was 3 to when I was about 15 and I was a die-hard Kansas City Wizards soccer fan. I went to as many games as my mom would take me to, I even go to have a Wizards birthday party in the pavilion right outside the stadium. My favorite moment of all time, was when I got to meet my idol.

One summer when I was about 10, I signed up to be in the Kansas City Wizards youth soccer camp. My best friend riley and I were on the same team so we decided to do it together. It was only one day long but it was from 8 in the morning to 6 that night. We got learn, from the players, all these cool drills the players do, different moves, and we even got to scrimmage them at the end of the night. When the camp was over the players that were coaching the camp went and sat at long tables to sign things or take pictures if you wanted. And that’s when I met him. Predrag “Preki” Radosavljevic. I was his biggest fan. I had three jerseys with is name on them and I even switched my position to midfielder to be just like him. I walked up to him in shock, handed him my soccer ball and he signed it. That was it, the greatest moment of my life. I couldn’t even speak because he was staring at me. Then mother decided to join.

Preki “She wants you to marry her.” My mother says from behind me. My face turned bright pink and then when he flashed a smile my face got hotter I thought I was going to faint. He looked at me and said “Sorry sweetie, but I don’t think my wife would like that,” in his gorgeous Yugoslavia accent. After my mother humiliated me he asked me if you would take a picture with him so I did. Man, do I wish I still had that picture. When I got home that evening I told my dad all about it and I put the soccer ball in a glass case where it still sits today.



When I was in high school the word midterm didn’t really mean a whole lot to me. Usually our midterm grades were based off of projects we did and the few worksheets and tests we would have in class up till that point. All of these assignments were also really easy. So, when I got to college and experienced my first real midterm, I panicked.

I didn’t realize that a midterm could be a huge exam that covered everything we learned in class so far. How am I supposed to remember all of this information then be expected to write 40 short answer essays? Then, on top of that, 60 multiple choice. And to make matters a lot worse, this was my first real exam as a college student. Great right? Even though this sounds awful I did find some great study tips that helped me so I am going to pass them along to you and hopefully they help!

First, I’m the type of learning that has to write it down then say it out loud for me to comprehend it. So I would write down any information I thought would be on the test and then I would read it out loud. For example I would write down my 40 questions and then answer them and repeat them over and over. I even made flashcards that had one side with the question and one side with the answers. Second, flashcards will be your best friend when it comes to vocabulary terms or short answer questions. As you go through it put the cards of the ones you got right on one side and the cards you got wrong on the other and go back over the ones you got wrong, and then slowly add the ones from the “right” pile back in. Last, I know a lot of exam information is from your textbooks. So if you have a reading section you need to do, find yourself a quick snack like gummy bears (from Pinterest) and put them on your textbook. As you read and you get to a gummy bear you can eat it.

These are just some of the study techniques I use when preparing for midterms or finals, What study techniques do you use?



When I was in 8th grade I met this woman named Cori Mchpeeters. She’s the type of woman who loved to talk, laugh, and have a good time. The first time I met her I was dating her son and I  got invited to go to his baseball game with them. Ever since that day I have considered Cori to be like a second mom to me. Now, even though her son and I don’t date anymore she is still always around when I need her and she’s truly the greatest woman ever.

            Senior year of high school I would always sit next to Cori and her family with my family at every away football game. We would cheer on her son and the rest of the cardinals and your side would hurt by the end of the night from laugh so hard. She’s very crafty as well. She loved making shirts, signs, and decorations for her kids and she even made me some too. And trust me, she never lets me forget how she wishes her son and I would get back together. But that’s not happening.

            In May, a year after graduation, Cori found out she had Mediastinal B-Cell Lymphoma. Not only did she now have cancer but she was also going through a divorce and was losing her house. However, that didn’t stop Cori. She always kept her spirits up. She still playing super mom with her two daughters(Alex, her son, is in college now) and also goes to chemo. Currently she is on her last chemo treatment which lasts for 5 days before she gets a PET Scan to see if all the cancer is gone. The only difference in Cori is that now she doesn’t have any hair. Other than that she is still her peppy fun self I admire her for that.


            Cori is a great example of what others should do and act like when they hit a rough patch in their life. She is a true inspiration.

Carsyn, Alex, Delaney and Cori with Cooper the Cardinal.

Carsyn, Alex, Delaney and Cori with Cooper the Cardinal.

Useless Classes

download (1)

In college there are a lot of classes you are going to have to take that you think are pointless. A majority of these classes are your general education courses. For me, I am an El

ementary Education and Special Education dual major. I’ve had quite a few of classes where I’ve felt they are pointless. A few come to mind, art, biology, and enjoyment of music.

First, I am terrible at art. I don’t know how to paint or draw things in different perspectives just by using my mind. I can barely draw a stick figure. In this class we had to be able to look at a painting or some sort of art work and then be able to tell who the artists was what year they were born, and when they died. I’m going to be teaching elementary special needs students; I don’t think they’re going to need to know who Alberto Durer is and why he looked like a woman with a beard.

Second, probably my worst subject ever, Biology. I am so bad at remembering anything that has to do with cells, reproductive systems, and all that junk. Because that’s exactly what it is to me, junk. I don’t understand anything about cell division, cellular respiration, or Immunology. The only thing I sort of understand would be photosynthesis and that’s because it’s been in every science related class I’ve ever had. Let’s just say after last year I am most likely going to have to take it again.

Me in Biology Class

Me in Biology Class

Last, but not least, the class I took first semester freshman year, enjoyment of music. In this class you learned about different classical musicians. You learned about their background, their style of music and why it was important to the time period. Now, I’m talking Beethoven time period. This subject is probably the only class that is somewhat related to my major. They say classical music enhances thought processes and relaxes the mind which I could use in my classroom. But once again, my students won’t know who Bach is.

In college, you’ll have a lot of classes you will need to take in order to graduate. Yes, most of them seem pointless but you have to do, so might as well work hard and get good grades. And hopfully you only have to take biology once.

What is this worl coming to?

This is something that happened today that I feel I should share with you guys. As a college student you are going to run into a lot of different types of people on campus. You’ll meet people of different nationalities, different cultures, and also different religions. As you are walking across campus there will always be someone who is promoting something. A big example is Greek Life. They usually like to hand out fliers or souvenirs for you to take that could possible convince you to join their fraternity or sorority. Also, people who are trying to get more members for a club, and there are even people who hand out the school newspaper. Well, this morning I saw two older gentlemen standing outside of our Union and Station handing out New Testaments.

Now, before I explain to you why I am bringing this up, I want you to know that I am not extremely religious and that is not what this post is about. So to continue, as I was walking by one of the gentlemen this morning he asked me if I wanted the bible and I accepted it and continued to my next class. After class I passed the other gentleman handing out the bibles. Two people in front of me, the man asked guy walking by if he could “Bless him with the bible.” The young man’s response is what gave me a reason to make this post. The younger man turned to him and said, “Hell no, you can take that S#!@ and shove it up you’re a$$!”  Seriously? A simple “No thank you” would have been just fine.

It is so disrespectful that just because the older gentlemen are on campus trying to help students connect with god, some students on campus feel the need to be rude to them because of the religion topic. Now, the question is if that man was handing out anything else would the younger man have responded in such a rude way? Probably not. I understand religion is a touchy subject. And there are a lot of skeptical people out there. But that doesn’t give you the right to be rude to someone. I am not a fan of greek life, but I don’t go around telling frat boys and sorority girls to “shove it” every time they try to hand me something. Today made me realize that there are a lot of disrespectful people in the world. Now, im wondering. What would you have done in this situation?13830701-3d-holy-bible-with-golden-cross-on-white-background