When I was in 8th grade I met this woman named Cori Mchpeeters. She’s the type of woman who loved to talk, laugh, and have a good time. The first time I met her I was dating her son and I  got invited to go to his baseball game with them. Ever since that day I have considered Cori to be like a second mom to me. Now, even though her son and I don’t date anymore she is still always around when I need her and she’s truly the greatest woman ever.

            Senior year of high school I would always sit next to Cori and her family with my family at every away football game. We would cheer on her son and the rest of the cardinals and your side would hurt by the end of the night from laugh so hard. She’s very crafty as well. She loved making shirts, signs, and decorations for her kids and she even made me some too. And trust me, she never lets me forget how she wishes her son and I would get back together. But that’s not happening.

            In May, a year after graduation, Cori found out she had Mediastinal B-Cell Lymphoma. Not only did she now have cancer but she was also going through a divorce and was losing her house. However, that didn’t stop Cori. She always kept her spirits up. She still playing super mom with her two daughters(Alex, her son, is in college now) and also goes to chemo. Currently she is on her last chemo treatment which lasts for 5 days before she gets a PET Scan to see if all the cancer is gone. The only difference in Cori is that now she doesn’t have any hair. Other than that she is still her peppy fun self I admire her for that.


            Cori is a great example of what others should do and act like when they hit a rough patch in their life. She is a true inspiration.

Carsyn, Alex, Delaney and Cori with Cooper the Cardinal.

Carsyn, Alex, Delaney and Cori with Cooper the Cardinal.


One thought on “Inspiration

  1. I’m not going to lie, when I read this post it pretty much made me ball. It isn’t fair that someone so genuinely pure has to be put through something so tragic. I know how you feel. My mother is my inspiration for her strength. She was endured poverty, raising three kids alone, being assaulted, having severe seizures because of it, and having the love of her life almost die before her eyes. But not once did she show any signs of defeat. There is something so emotional as to how she holds her head. People like Cori and my mom are what people look up to, and I am proud to be alive because of strong people like that.

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