Useless Classes

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In college there are a lot of classes you are going to have to take that you think are pointless. A majority of these classes are your general education courses. For me, I am an El

ementary Education and Special Education dual major. I’ve had quite a few of classes where I’ve felt they are pointless. A few come to mind, art, biology, and enjoyment of music.

First, I am terrible at art. I don’t know how to paint or draw things in different perspectives just by using my mind. I can barely draw a stick figure. In this class we had to be able to look at a painting or some sort of art work and then be able to tell who the artists was what year they were born, and when they died. I’m going to be teaching elementary special needs students; I don’t think they’re going to need to know who Alberto Durer is and why he looked like a woman with a beard.

Second, probably my worst subject ever, Biology. I am so bad at remembering anything that has to do with cells, reproductive systems, and all that junk. Because that’s exactly what it is to me, junk. I don’t understand anything about cell division, cellular respiration, or Immunology. The only thing I sort of understand would be photosynthesis and that’s because it’s been in every science related class I’ve ever had. Let’s just say after last year I am most likely going to have to take it again.

Me in Biology Class

Me in Biology Class

Last, but not least, the class I took first semester freshman year, enjoyment of music. In this class you learned about different classical musicians. You learned about their background, their style of music and why it was important to the time period. Now, I’m talking Beethoven time period. This subject is probably the only class that is somewhat related to my major. They say classical music enhances thought processes and relaxes the mind which I could use in my classroom. But once again, my students won’t know who Bach is.

In college, you’ll have a lot of classes you will need to take in order to graduate. Yes, most of them seem pointless but you have to do, so might as well work hard and get good grades. And hopfully you only have to take biology once.


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