When I was in high school the word midterm didn’t really mean a whole lot to me. Usually our midterm grades were based off of projects we did and the few worksheets and tests we would have in class up till that point. All of these assignments were also really easy. So, when I got to college and experienced my first real midterm, I panicked.

I didn’t realize that a midterm could be a huge exam that covered everything we learned in class so far. How am I supposed to remember all of this information then be expected to write 40 short answer essays? Then, on top of that, 60 multiple choice. And to make matters a lot worse, this was my first real exam as a college student. Great right? Even though this sounds awful I did find some great study tips that helped me so I am going to pass them along to you and hopefully they help!

First, I’m the type of learning that has to write it down then say it out loud for me to comprehend it. So I would write down any information I thought would be on the test and then I would read it out loud. For example I would write down my 40 questions and then answer them and repeat them over and over. I even made flashcards that had one side with the question and one side with the answers. Second, flashcards will be your best friend when it comes to vocabulary terms or short answer questions. As you go through it put the cards of the ones you got right on one side and the cards you got wrong on the other and go back over the ones you got wrong, and then slowly add the ones from the “right” pile back in. Last, I know a lot of exam information is from your textbooks. So if you have a reading section you need to do, find yourself a quick snack like gummy bears (from Pinterest) and put them on your textbook. As you read and you get to a gummy bear you can eat it.

These are just some of the study techniques I use when preparing for midterms or finals, What study techniques do you use?



One thought on “Midterms

  1. I agree, midterms in high school are nothing like the midterms in college. It was a transition for me too!

    I like the study tips that you used to help you study for your tests. I’m also one who likes to write things down and then read them aloud. I took zoology last semester and I used the flashcard method and that was definitely helpful. I haven’t tried the gummy bear trick, but I like gummy bears, so I will have to try that for my next test! Ha!

    Some other methods of studying that I’ve used is drawing things out or reorganizing information in a way that makes sense to me. I’ve tried mnemonics to help me memorize things. I also reread my notes a few times, things along that line.

    It sounds like, though, you have formed very good study habits already! That will definitely help out in the long run. Keep up the good work!

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