Have you ever had a secret or something you wanted to say but never had anyone around to listen or to care? Or you just don’t want to tell anyone because you are afraid they will judge you. Well if you do I suggest you visit the site PostSecret. It’s an awesome website that it doing this art project of postcards people send them with their deepest secrets on them. Best part, it’s all anonymous. No one know who’s postcard is whose.

And the best part, you can post anything. Some are sad and depressing, where others are funny and happy. Some are a little sexual and some are just really weird. I love this so much because it gives everyone a chance to get their word out and tell people their secret without anyone knowing it is actually yours. It’s a great art project as well. Seeing all the different cards and pictures are really fun to look at.

So, if you ever have a secret that you feel you should tell but have no one to tell it to, send a post card to PostSecret and it will be out there without people judging you and you could be a part of a great movement.


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