Time To Relax

As a college student, Holiday breaks are the greatest thing that could possibly ever happen. You get a week or even a month off from stress, homework, and exams. You get to see your family and hometown friends if you want. Also, it usually involves good home cooking. Well, for me at least it does.

Last year, I got my first real taste of college breaks over high school breaks. In high school, my thanksgiving break was only the weekend of thanksgiving, so usually 4 days. My Christmas break was only a week and I had basketball practice every day. Usually in high school you didn’t get homework over break. Now in college, thanksgiving break consists of studying because finals are the week after you get back, not so fun. However, Christmas break is probably my favorite. It is 4 weeks long and consists of no homework because it’s the change of semesters. That means, a whole month to spend with my family and friends, relax, and eat all the home cooking I want. Also, I like to pick on my little sister, who is still in high school, that she has to go to school while I get to sleep in. me on christmas break

me on christmas break

My all-time favorite part of being home during Christmas is going sledding at your town’s lake. It has this huge hill everyone can sled, snowboard, or tube down. What’s your favorite holiday break and what do you do while you’re on break?


4 thoughts on “Time To Relax

  1. I 100& agree that christmas break is the favorite. Not having any homework, being with your family, and being home for a month is a great break. I definitely look forward to in every year. High school breaks do not even compare to college breaks. I do not have a lot of free time so getting a chance to relax and catch up with family is my favorite time of year. I also love giving gifts and seeing everyone happy. Nothing can beat the holidays when everyone is together and having a good time.

  2. Thanksgiving break has never really seemed like a break to me too! With all the homework and stress about finals, it’s more of a time to be at home, but just stress about college there. I loooove Christmas break though!! I haven’t had one in college yet but 4 weeks?! I seriously did not know this! I don’t get to see my family all year until Christmas Break, so those four months will be much needed!! In high school I would like Christmas break, well, because I really like Christmas. I like all the lights, music and trees that come along with it! What my friends and I would do is go hooky bobbying, where you tie a sled onto the back of a fourwheeler and fly down streets. It doesn’t sound safe…it’s not haha. But yes, Christmas Break is just a great time to just settle down with your friends and family, and relax, I completely agree!

  3. I’m totally agree with you! Because I’m a international student, and it takes nearly twenty hours for me to go back home. In this case, I can’t even visit back during some short breaks like Thanksgiving. Although the christmas break has four weeks, it still not long enough for me to spend the Spring Festival, a festival all the family members will gather together, with my family. Even I can’t stay with them on those big days, I still cherish and enjoy the times that we are together. Since more than eight months of a year I will be far away from home. I enjoy the summer break most actually. First, it has three months and with no homework at all! Next, all of my friends back in China will also get out of school so that we can hang out a lot. There are hundreds of fun things that I can do during the summer.

  4. Christmas break is also my favorite. Its nice to get to relax and not have to worry about all the things you should be doing instead of relaxing. Its nice to get to play in the snow and pull the sled behind the four wheeler or make snowmen. For me this christams break will be different than the last. Last year I didnt have a job over christmas break so i spent the entire time at home with different projects and other things to keep myself busy compared to this year where I will be staying in maryville to work and get to go home every two weeks for a long three day weekend. No doubt this christmas break will be different.

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