Typical Girl Post

Warning! This post is full of feelings, heartbreaks, and the occasional inspirational girl advice.

My Junior and Senior year of high school I was dating this guy, and let’s just say that I had fallen head over heels for him. We met through mutual friends and, from being in a small town; it was nice not knowing everything about him and his past. He was like a breath of fresh air I guess you could say. We started talking and hanging out which lasted about 4 months. Then on my birthday he asked me out and we dated for a year. Our relationship was everything but perfect however.

After we had gotten the “official title” he changed. He was a completely different person than what he showed me. When we first started talking I saw a smart guy, who was on the baseball team, and had a great group of friends that liked me and accepted me. But once we started dating it was like he had an alter ego or something. It started off with him becoming more and more rude. Eventually he was just always mean to me unless other people were around to see. He was hanging out with a completely different group of people that hated me and would talk bad about me to him. And the most shocking thing I found out 9 months after we started dating was that he was into drugs. Our relationship involved a lot of fighting, disappointment, and hurt, but I never gave up because I thought he would go back to the way he was when I first met him. The summer before freshman year of college, I finally made a huge decision. After everyone in my family and all of my friends suggesting this, I broke up with him. I was hard to see myself without him because I thought I was so in love. Well, turns out, that ending our relationship was the best thing I could of done because looking back on it now he would have only brought me down. It’s hard to end relationships that you put so much effort into but then you need realize that a relationship should be something you have to work 24/7 at. It should be easy sometimes and if it’s not maybe it’s time to get yourself out before you get hurt. Like they say, “When one door closes, Another door opens.”


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