Hammer Time

As the end of the semester is approaching us, it is time when professors lay on the work load. For example, just in one week I have two projects due, three papers, and four exams. Goodbye social life, hello library. The worst part for me is time management. The work that is due to soonest I try to get done first, but then there are other things that take a long time to do so I can’t put them off either, which leads to me being stuck at a computer typing away for 5 hours at a time. My brain can only handle so much information that I sometimes get confused on what I’m supposed to be doing for the project I’m working on because I’m trying to plan 50 other things for other classes as well. It’s stressing me out and I don’t even have time to go shoot hoops, which is my stress-reliever.

I try to take at least 3-4 hours out of my day to sit down and intensely work on homework but it doesn’t seem to be enough time but I’m so busy with work and other things that I don’t know how to add more time to work on things. I don’t understand how people can juggle school, work, sororities, or other extra-curricular activities. School is hard enough as it is. I keep reminding myself to take deep breathes and that everything will work out but as of right now, I’m stressing to the max! How do you guys manage your work load?



In college it is really hard to have privacy, especially if you live in the dorms and have a roommate. I am someone who loves my privacy and I would prefer to be alone than around people all the time. Last year  as a freshman, was the first year I had to live with someone and share a room with them. It was a big change for me and I absolutely hated it at first. I couldn’t just take naps whenever I wanted, I had to leave my room and go to the library if I had homework, and most of all I had to change in front of a stranger! It took me a while to get used to having to share everything but eventually I got used to it and more comfortable. It was still a little awkward and frustrating at times, especially when I was doing homework or sleeping and my roommate would come in and be really loud or turn on every light. Also, I am someone who doesn’t really like to talk to people about my problems, and my roommate was always asking me about my personal life. Not that I didn’t like her, she was just nosy.

This year I still live in the dorms but I don’t have a roommate and I absolutely love it. I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want. I get to stay in my room and do my homework, I can change freely without worrying when someone will walk in, and I can sleep whenever I want. I have my privacy without anyone invading it. The only downfall is that I sometimes get lonely. I’m not really friends with people in my hall, and all the friends I have from last year live off campus. So I gained my privacy but lost a social life. Maybe I’ll find a happy-medium one day

Thanksgiving Change

Thanksgiving break is right around the corner. Usually my immediate family comes together and we spend Thanksgiving Day together. But the days surrounding my sister and I are off with our friends. That’s just always how it’s been. It wasn’t until last year did I realize some families take this holiday more seriously. She invited me over to her house once I was done spending time with my family, and once I got there I could already see the difference. It wasn’t just her immediate family there but it was her whole family, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, everyone. They were playing games and sitting around and visiting.

In my family we usually go see my dad’s mom a few days before or after thanksgiving. Since my mom’s family lives in Texas we don’t get to spend holidays with them and my dad’s side of the family always has to pick fights when we choose one grandparent over the other considering my dad’s parents are divorced so we choose to see each one a few days before and a few days after and then just spend thanksgiving alone at our house.

My friend had both set of grandparents from either side of the family there and all her aunts and uncles. This amazed me because I didn’t know a family could get along so well. And from this experience I decided to change the way we did Thanksgiving in my family. Now, I know that there is no way all of my family can get together and get along so seeing the grandparents before and after Thanksgiving is going to be the same. However, instead of us just having Thanksgiving at our house, I decided we should take a family trip. So, this year for Thanksgiving my family and I are going to Springfield, MO, and we’re staying in a hotel and are going to go site-seeing, and just spend time with each other. What are your plans for Thanksgiving Day?


Was There Anything I Could Have Said or Done?

“And why would you leave the stage in the middle of a song.” I don’t know how many people know this song but it is called Why by Rascal Flatts. This song is a very touching song about someone who died at a young age. Now, I’ve never been much of a Rascal Flatts fan but this song hit a spot in my heart when I heard it. I’ve had a few people in my life that have passed away at an early age. Whether it was from accidents, health conditions, or suicide, I can relate each one of them to this song.

The song says “Now here we are gathered in our little hometown, This can’t be the way you meant to draw a crowd.” This line is one of the most important lines in the song to me because I am from a small town and I had a friend that always felt invisible. They felt as if no one in the town knew who they were or even cared enough to try. My friend committed suicide the summer of my junior year and at the service half the town showed up. I guess they didn’t realize how many people did care about them and it was sad that a funeral had to prove it.

This song touches my heart in so many ways it’s unbelievable. What songs can you relate too?

Writer’s Block

The thing I hate the most about college this year is the papers I have to write for classes such as my history class. This year I am in Historical Survey and let’s just say it is not my strong subject. When I know I am not going to be any good in a class my motivation level goes down the drain. And right now is not a good time to have no motivation in this class.

We got an assignment to write a paper over the topic we’ve been learning about. I understand the directions and she has already given the class the sources to use in the paper. Plus the paper only needs to be 2-3 pages long. Seems easy right? Well, that’s my problem. I feel since this assignment is so easy but yet worth a lot of points, I feel as if I’m not doing it right, which makes me not want to do it at all. However, I need to pass this class. So how do you find the motivation to do something you already know you’re going to fail at? Most people would just say push through it and just get it done. But you see, my “just get it done” will result in a D on the paper which I can’t afford to get. My full attention is required for this assignment but it almost seems impossible.

Have A Big Heart

In todays’ world you always hear about a lot of the bad things that happen, shootings, robberies, bullying, etc. Rarely do you ever hear about the good things people do. Today I was browsing on Facebook and I saw this video that someone had shared about a middle school football team. Being the crazed football fan that I am I clicked on it and watched the video. The video was about how this middle school team that had a player with a learning disability. He never got to actually play because of his disability however. So the team decided to do something about that. They went behind their coaches back and set up a play to get a close to the end zone as possible without actually going in. Then they would get the player with the disability in the game and protect him as he took the ball the few feet into the end zone for his first touchdown ever.  Here is the link to the video if you want to watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ejh_hb15Fc

It is moments and acts like this that remind me that our society is not filled with just evil. There are so many good people out there doing nice things for others and they aren’t getting recognized for it. People to help the homeless, or the community, or just a stranger on the sidewalk, they aren’t doing these things to get recognition for anything, they do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Yesterday walking across campus in the rain I saw another act of kindness. There was a girl who was on crutches trying to get to class as fast as she could in the pouring rain. A young man with an umbrella came up behind her and held his umbrella above her to get her dry and then carried her back pack for her. Small things like these can mean so much. Have you done something nice for someone today?


New place, New Beginning

Coming from a small town I was really nervous about coming to college. I wouldn’t know anyone here and I was afraid I wouldn’t make any friends. But boy was I wrong. My very first day on northwest campus I moved into the dorms and I instantly made new friends. And as the year went on I made more friends from people in my classes and other activities I was involved in. There are also some downfalls to meeting new people.

When meeting someone new first impressions are important. But sometimes someone’s first impression doesn’t really show you who that person is. For example, I met this girl that lived on my floor last year and she seemed really cool. We became really good friends and hung out almost every day. However, As the year went on I really got to see the type of person she was and it turns out I didn’t like her as much as I thought. I am a very independent person and I thought she was too. But it turns out she is the exact opposite. She was the type of girl to ask for my help but then not take it. Or always go wherever I went because she didn’t want to be alone. It got annoying. Eventually we started butting heads and now we don’t even speak to each other. It’s funny how just within one year you can go from being best friends to not even acknowledging each other’s existence.

Now, I’m not saying every relationship you build with someone will end up this way. I made some really great friends last year that I still hang out with today. I’m just saying there will people that will enter your life as a lesson. And then you grow from it.

Stay Healthy!

It’s that time of year, time for the leaves on the trees to change color, the weather to cool off, and for sickness to spread. As a college student sickness on campus spreads pretty fast and you have a greater chance of getting it. And your odds are even greater if you live in dorms. Living with a hundreds of people opens the door of opportunity to catch anything. And this year I got my first real taste of it.
I am a sophomore and I live in South Complex. Just a few weeks ago I went home to see my family and on Sunday I woke up feeling the worst I ever felt. I had sore throat, chest congestion, sinus infection, the works. I didn’t know how I got it though because no one in my family was sick and I usually never get this sick. Well, it wasn’t until I got back to Maryville and into my dorm did I find out that almost everyone on my floor was sick also. To make things better it wasn’t your typical cold or flu. It was Pneumonia. Of course this would be going around and I was probably lucky enough to catch it.
Luckily, Northwest has a wellness center and I was able to schedule and appoint and get in to see a doctor. Good thing I did too because they said they caught it in enough time to stop it from turning into pneumonia. All I had to do was get a shot of antibiotics and get some cough medicine. It’s been a few days and I’m already feeling better.
From this experience I have started religiously using hand sanitizer and disinfecting all the door knobs, handles, and sinks on my floor so that way we can stay as healthy as possible. Here soon the weather will be getting even colder. So bundle up and make sure you take good care of yourself! Finals are coming up before we know it and you’d hate yourself if you got super sick right before crunch time!