New place, New Beginning

Coming from a small town I was really nervous about coming to college. I wouldn’t know anyone here and I was afraid I wouldn’t make any friends. But boy was I wrong. My very first day on northwest campus I moved into the dorms and I instantly made new friends. And as the year went on I made more friends from people in my classes and other activities I was involved in. There are also some downfalls to meeting new people.

When meeting someone new first impressions are important. But sometimes someone’s first impression doesn’t really show you who that person is. For example, I met this girl that lived on my floor last year and she seemed really cool. We became really good friends and hung out almost every day. However, As the year went on I really got to see the type of person she was and it turns out I didn’t like her as much as I thought. I am a very independent person and I thought she was too. But it turns out she is the exact opposite. She was the type of girl to ask for my help but then not take it. Or always go wherever I went because she didn’t want to be alone. It got annoying. Eventually we started butting heads and now we don’t even speak to each other. It’s funny how just within one year you can go from being best friends to not even acknowledging each other’s existence.

Now, I’m not saying every relationship you build with someone will end up this way. I made some really great friends last year that I still hang out with today. I’m just saying there will people that will enter your life as a lesson. And then you grow from it.


One thought on “New place, New Beginning

  1. I was afraid at the beginning as well. Most of all, I was afraid that my English was bad at the first place. I was afraid that I couldn’t understand people, and they couldn’t understand me as well. Meanwhile, discrimination was also a huge part of my worries. Although I have run into couple times of unpleasant situations, most of the time people are still nice and gentle. Now, I have made some American as well as Korean friends, and I really cherish those relationships with them. Even though the way getting along with friends here is way different from what I used to do, I’m getting more used to it right now. I’m leaving Northwest next year, and I’m sure I will miss my friends here.

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