Stay Healthy!

It’s that time of year, time for the leaves on the trees to change color, the weather to cool off, and for sickness to spread. As a college student sickness on campus spreads pretty fast and you have a greater chance of getting it. And your odds are even greater if you live in dorms. Living with a hundreds of people opens the door of opportunity to catch anything. And this year I got my first real taste of it.
I am a sophomore and I live in South Complex. Just a few weeks ago I went home to see my family and on Sunday I woke up feeling the worst I ever felt. I had sore throat, chest congestion, sinus infection, the works. I didn’t know how I got it though because no one in my family was sick and I usually never get this sick. Well, it wasn’t until I got back to Maryville and into my dorm did I find out that almost everyone on my floor was sick also. To make things better it wasn’t your typical cold or flu. It was Pneumonia. Of course this would be going around and I was probably lucky enough to catch it.
Luckily, Northwest has a wellness center and I was able to schedule and appoint and get in to see a doctor. Good thing I did too because they said they caught it in enough time to stop it from turning into pneumonia. All I had to do was get a shot of antibiotics and get some cough medicine. It’s been a few days and I’m already feeling better.
From this experience I have started religiously using hand sanitizer and disinfecting all the door knobs, handles, and sinks on my floor so that way we can stay as healthy as possible. Here soon the weather will be getting even colder. So bundle up and make sure you take good care of yourself! Finals are coming up before we know it and you’d hate yourself if you got super sick right before crunch time!


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