Writer’s Block

The thing I hate the most about college this year is the papers I have to write for classes such as my history class. This year I am in Historical Survey and let’s just say it is not my strong subject. When I know I am not going to be any good in a class my motivation level goes down the drain. And right now is not a good time to have no motivation in this class.

We got an assignment to write a paper over the topic we’ve been learning about. I understand the directions and she has already given the class the sources to use in the paper. Plus the paper only needs to be 2-3 pages long. Seems easy right? Well, that’s my problem. I feel since this assignment is so easy but yet worth a lot of points, I feel as if I’m not doing it right, which makes me not want to do it at all. However, I need to pass this class. So how do you find the motivation to do something you already know you’re going to fail at? Most people would just say push through it and just get it done. But you see, my “just get it done” will result in a D on the paper which I can’t afford to get. My full attention is required for this assignment but it almost seems impossible.


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