Thanksgiving Change

Thanksgiving break is right around the corner. Usually my immediate family comes together and we spend Thanksgiving Day together. But the days surrounding my sister and I are off with our friends. That’s just always how it’s been. It wasn’t until last year did I realize some families take this holiday more seriously. She invited me over to her house once I was done spending time with my family, and once I got there I could already see the difference. It wasn’t just her immediate family there but it was her whole family, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, everyone. They were playing games and sitting around and visiting.

In my family we usually go see my dad’s mom a few days before or after thanksgiving. Since my mom’s family lives in Texas we don’t get to spend holidays with them and my dad’s side of the family always has to pick fights when we choose one grandparent over the other considering my dad’s parents are divorced so we choose to see each one a few days before and a few days after and then just spend thanksgiving alone at our house.

My friend had both set of grandparents from either side of the family there and all her aunts and uncles. This amazed me because I didn’t know a family could get along so well. And from this experience I decided to change the way we did Thanksgiving in my family. Now, I know that there is no way all of my family can get together and get along so seeing the grandparents before and after Thanksgiving is going to be the same. However, instead of us just having Thanksgiving at our house, I decided we should take a family trip. So, this year for Thanksgiving my family and I are going to Springfield, MO, and we’re staying in a hotel and are going to go site-seeing, and just spend time with each other. What are your plans for Thanksgiving Day?



One thought on “Thanksgiving Change

  1. This Year for Thanksgiving I would love for my family and my boyfriends family to have one big dinner together. For the past years on Thanksgiving my day went pretty much how yours did. I would eat dinner and play games with my imediate family earlier in the day and later on hangout with friends. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 years next month and I hope my plan to get us all together on Thanksgiving go as planned because unfortunately last year when I was suppose to go and have Thanksgiving with his family I was very sick 😦 so this year I have high hopes to bring us all together. 🙂

    How exciting and creative to go on a roadtrip with your family for a holiday 😀 …. I hope you guys have a safe trip and enjoy your time together and make many memories. P.S. …. Springfield is pretty cool 😉

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