In college it is really hard to have privacy, especially if you live in the dorms and have a roommate. I am someone who loves my privacy and I would prefer to be alone than around people all the time. Last year  as a freshman, was the first year I had to live with someone and share a room with them. It was a big change for me and I absolutely hated it at first. I couldn’t just take naps whenever I wanted, I had to leave my room and go to the library if I had homework, and most of all I had to change in front of a stranger! It took me a while to get used to having to share everything but eventually I got used to it and more comfortable. It was still a little awkward and frustrating at times, especially when I was doing homework or sleeping and my roommate would come in and be really loud or turn on every light. Also, I am someone who doesn’t really like to talk to people about my problems, and my roommate was always asking me about my personal life. Not that I didn’t like her, she was just nosy.

This year I still live in the dorms but I don’t have a roommate and I absolutely love it. I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want. I get to stay in my room and do my homework, I can change freely without worrying when someone will walk in, and I can sleep whenever I want. I have my privacy without anyone invading it. The only downfall is that I sometimes get lonely. I’m not really friends with people in my hall, and all the friends I have from last year live off campus. So I gained my privacy but lost a social life. Maybe I’ll find a happy-medium one day


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