Hammer Time

As the end of the semester is approaching us, it is time when professors lay on the work load. For example, just in one week I have two projects due, three papers, and four exams. Goodbye social life, hello library. The worst part for me is time management. The work that is due to soonest I try to get done first, but then there are other things that take a long time to do so I can’t put them off either, which leads to me being stuck at a computer typing away for 5 hours at a time. My brain can only handle so much information that I sometimes get confused on what I’m supposed to be doing for the project I’m working on because I’m trying to plan 50 other things for other classes as well. It’s stressing me out and I don’t even have time to go shoot hoops, which is my stress-reliever.

I try to take at least 3-4 hours out of my day to sit down and intensely work on homework but it doesn’t seem to be enough time but I’m so busy with work and other things that I don’t know how to add more time to work on things. I don’t understand how people can juggle school, work, sororities, or other extra-curricular activities. School is hard enough as it is. I keep reminding myself to take deep breathes and that everything will work out but as of right now, I’m stressing to the max! How do you guys manage your work load?


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