Finals Are Here

Well ladies and Gentlemen it’s that time of year again. The time where college students are stressing, studying, and doing all they can to raise their grades in the class. You guessed it, it’s Finals Week. It’s the only time of the semester where a majority of student actually tries to do extremely well on a test, mostly because this test can make or break your grade in the class. From personal experience I know that some student are that one or two percentage difference of passing the class with a decent grade so they try even harder on their finals than they would any other test to assure they get that good grade. This usually involves a lot of studying and late night cramming.

Some study tips I would suggest some students to use would be to make sure you study a full week in advance and only study a small portion at a time. That way you are not worried about cramming all the material in one day. For example, a week before your first final study the first section, whether it’ll be vocab or essays, then on the next day advance to the next section and after that review the previous section. I know this works for me because I am continually going back over the information.

Don’t forget to take breaks in-between studying as well! Without breaks you are more likely to forget something. I always study for an hour and a half and then take a 30 minute break by watching tv or doing something of that nature. Then go back to studying. Also, another great tip is to make sure you eat good meals. Don’t just snack all the time because you think you are too busy to eat. During one of your study breaks go grab a bite to eat to refresh your brain. Don’t just eat chips or snack foods either, make sure they are full meals.

These are just some of the steps I take while studying for finals. What steps or studying habits do you have that help you have a more successful testing day?


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