Reason for the Season

It’s December now and it’s the time where all the crazy holiday spirit that has been forced to be bottled up until Thanksgiving Day was over, has now thrown up everywhere I turn. The Christmas lights, garland, Christmas trees with obnoxious ornaments, Christmas movies, kids asking for gifts that they don’t really need, everyone always being in a freakishly cheery mood and they never let you forget that Santa is on his way. Last but not least, it is the time of the year for all the awful Christmas music. Have you noticed that I might possibly just hate Christmas? If you did, well nothing gets past you. Yes, I hate all of this stuff. It is pointless and annoying. I do have a justified reason behind my feelings however. I am not just acting this way to be the rebel scrooge. I hate Christmas because people lose sight of the real and true reason for the season.

Growing up my family and I always celebrated Christmas was Jesus’s Birthday. My sister and I would watch cartoons about the day he was born and we were even in plays with our church where I got to play Mary and my sister was an angel. This aspect has always been a part of my family’s tradition. It wasn’t until I got older did I realize that not everyone celebrated Christmas for those reasons. They celebrate because they get a bunch of presents, a lot of food, and get to put up gaudy decorations. You always hear people tell you “Merry Xmas” or “Happy Holidays” but why is nothing ever said about Jesus? Yes, I do realize there are religious reasoning’s as to how it could offend people, but they don’t have to celebrate Christmas if it does. The true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of the man who saved our lives by giving to people who need and opening your hearts to strangers.  It’s not about the expensive presents or the decorations.

With that said, I would like to clarify, that yes, I do hate Christmas, but that does not mean I want everyone else to hate it also. I still celebrate with my family but I also make sure my family practices what I preach. Every year my immediate and sometimes distant family adopts a needy family for Christmas. We usually get them assigned a month or two in advance to Christmas so we have enough time to gather supplies for them. The family provides us with a list of things they would appreciate getting for Christmas. Now before I tell you what they ask for, take a second and think about what is on your Christmas list. Nike clothing, the new gold iPhone, diamonds, and Starbucks gift cards maybe? Well the Christmas list we receive consist of items like a bedframe so they don’t have to sleep with their mattresses on the floor, hand-me-downs because they can’t afford to buy warm clothes or coats for the winter, and the thing that breaks my heart the most, any possible food for the mother so she can provide a Christmas dinner for her kids.

People take for granted what they have in life and they don’t see how lucky they truly are until they see someone less fortunate than them. It happened to me, but instead of just sitting and feeling sorry for those people, I decided to do something about it. By spreading the Christmas spirit to people who could really use all the uplifting possible. This is the real reason for the season. Serving to others before you serve yourself. After reading this, and you wish to help unfortunate families, go to the local church, good will, or Walmart, and they usually have some way you can help.


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