Snow? No Thanks.

Well, it has officially happened. The first real heavy snows of the 2013 school year here a Northwest Missouri State University. Yes, it is pretty to look at and it does indicate we are closer to Christmas break and all that jazz, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. That’s right, I said it. I hate snow! And let me explain why.

First, for there to be snow it means it must be cold outside, obviously, but I hate the cold. I don’t enjoy the freezing but also burning sensation you get on your face and or hands when the harsh cold wind hits you. I hate having to wear 6 layers of clothes just to keep warm outside only to sweat to death in class. Also, having to warm up my car while my leather seats frostbites my butt cheeks. None of this is pleasing and to those of you who enjoy it are crazy.

Second, I hate driving in snow. Not only can it be dangerous but it such an inconvenience! As a college student who lives on campus my car will sometimes stay parked in the same spot all week until I go out on the weekends. So, when it snows and out, oh-so lovely “snow- pusher” guys clear out the parking lot they have a bad habit of piling up the snow behind your cars. I’m sorry but little car cannot get out of its parking spot with a 4 foot wall of piled up snow behind it. This then leads to the struggle of knocking the snow not only off your car but from behind and hoping and praying you can get your car out. Once you get your car out and on the go, it is dangerous because so many people have accidents in this kind of weather. From ice, and sliding, it scary for students who have to drive hours away to go home in these terrible conditions.

And the last reason I hate snow is because it makes almost everyone anti-social. You’re probably wondering how snow effects peoples social lives right? Well, let me tell you. I am not the only person on this planet who feels this way, so for those people, like myself, who do not appreciate the cold season, we tend to just stay inside where it is warm and safe. It also means that our friends are doing the same. This leads to boredom from being alone and an excessive amount of Netflix, twitter, and Pinterest. Not until the roads are completely cleared and the below freezing weather has stopped, will we go out into the sunlight.

These are my reasons for hating the snow and I know I’m not the only one. But I also know there are people who absolutely love the snow. So what are your reasons for either hating the snow or loving it?


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