Hey there!

My name is Jerrica and I am a student at Northwest Missouri State University. I am from a small farming and sports oriented town called Lawson. Growing up in lawson I didnt get much experience from the outside world other than attending and going to basketball games in the city.

Senior Year Basketball 2012

Senior Year Basketball 2012

I hung out with a certain group of friends and it wasn’t until I moved to Maryville did I realize there are so much more in this world. Including hard college papers and projects. In high school, you normally don’t really have any hard projects or papers due. That all changes once you get to college. my Freshman year at Northwest has been the worst one yet. It was such a change from my small hometown. And along with this new town came new stresses. I was stressed out the majority of my freshman year. Wich is the inspiration of this blog! I hope to tell you experience I’ve had over my time here and hopefully can give some advice on how to not stress less. Enjoy!702167_10151147681427274_2000711263_n


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