If you are a college student at a university or just a college sports fan, you understand how important football is to a school. The school I go to cherishes football and I love to go and watch the games. But, Northwest isn’t my favorite football team. Growing up my mom was born an Auburn fan. When she married my dad he became an Alabama fan to piss her off. But as the years went on he continued to follow Bama. When I was younger my mom always tried to get me to be an Auburn fan with her since I am the only sibling that actually enjoys the sport. She would always buy me auburn clothes and accessories. But I secretly hated it because I think Orange and Navy are the ugliest combination of colors.

On game days I would sit with my parents and watch auburn play and then sit with my dad and watch Bama play. I ended up enjoying the Bama games more. So when I switched teams my mom was pretty upset but it’s okay, we worked it out. Now, every Saturday game they play, I am sitting in front of the TV with my dad cheering on Crimson Tide. Most people think I switched teams because Bama won more games. I mean, yeah that’s nice, but I always love the way Bama carries themselves. They are thankful for their wins and I respect the way Coach Saban coaches.

Being from Missouri, I get a lot of questions of why I am not a Missouri or Nebraska fan, well honestly, because I wasn’t raised around people who praised either of those teams. I never really followed them until this year that’s only because I’ve met people who are die-hard fans. Yes, the teams are good, but I’ll stick to my Crimson Tide. I had a girl ask me the other day, “who my favorite college team is?” When I replied “Alabama,” she said, “Doesn’t it get boring winning all the time.” And to that I said, “Nope, not at all.” Who is your favorite college football team?